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Online Payment System

 Basic 3-Party Transaction Fields


Note: Please mention Unique Trainee Code in below Merchant Transaction Reference while making online payment.If you do not remember your trainee code then check your mail for TraineeCode.

Merchant Transaction Reference:

Note: Your Unique Trainee Code is
Please mention Unique Trainee Code in above Merchant Transaction Reference while making online payment.

  Purchase Amount:



Any information passed through the customer's browser can potentially be modified by the customer, or even by third parties to fraudulently alter the transaction data. Therefore all transactional information should not be passed through the browser in a way that could potentially be modified (e.g. hidden form fields). Transaction data should only be accepted once from a browser at the point of input, and then kept in a way that does not allow others to modify it (e.g. database, server session, etc.). Any transaction information displayed to a customer, such as amount, should be passed only as display information and the actual transactional data should be retrieved from the secure source last thing at the point of processing the transaction.

Fields like return links back to the order page (AgainLink), titles, and any other non-transactional information are only included here in the example for information purposes. They do not apply to the transaction and should not be included in production code orders.